P1020786Welcome to One Heart Fire Permaculture

When I first came across permaculture in 2011 I found a set of ideas that provided solutions to so many of the problems I saw in the world around me.  Hunger, poverty, desertification, environmental destruction; the permaculture design system promised real solutions to these seemingly insurmountable challenges.   As I continued to learn all I could about permaculture, eventually completing a permaculture design certification course in 2013, I came to see that this design system was not just a remarkable set of tools for solving real world problems but was in fact a world view.  Since then I have continued my adventures and education in permaculture, completing a second PDC in 2015, and have begun following my deep desire to share this viewpoint.  With the eyes of a permaculture designer you start to see connections that exist all around us.  You begin to see how every act, every object, every plant, every person is influenced and affected by everything else, and in turn has its own effect.  The connections and relationships are infinite, and permaculture is about designing our world so that these relationships have a positive effect on ourselves and our environment.  Humanity is completely capable of being a positive force for the Earth, we already have the tools and knowledge necessary to create Eden, we only need to begin using them.  Oneheartfire.org is a platform for me to share information and inspiration, as well as document the ways in which I am using the permaculture perspective to improve the world around me.  Thank you for joining me in this journey. – Jesse Grimes

  1. hey mark would love to speak with you


  2. sorry, jesse i mean, multitasking by talking to my friend mark


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