Bike Park Project


For me there is no better moment than those fleeting seconds between lip and landing, when I’m flying through the air on my bicycle. I have been riding BMX and building jumps for most of my life and until I found out about permaculture, there was nothing I was more passionate about.  I’ve spent countless hours on hot days and cold nights shoveling dirt into the shapes my mind would conjure up, all with the purpose of creating more of those fleeting moments.  In permaculture I have found a whole new reason to move dirt.  Earthworks are one of the fundamental ways in which we, as designers, work with nature to create healthy ecosystems.  Recently I have been combining my passions and have found that, like most relationships, the connections are countless.

Over the last few years, my friends and I have been turning a former dirt disposal site into a paradise for adrenaline junkies. It was here that I first realized that we could easily apply permaculture to the way we build and maintain our self made bike park, with the goal of turning this place into a paradise for all living things.  In the process, we can address some of the erosion and flooding problems that are currently the cause of a lot of extra work, while also improving the look and feel of the site.  In June of 2015, I relocated to Paul Wheaton’s forested land in western Montana, to participate in the budding Ant Village.  Here, with my own one acre plot to work with, I plan to bring the concept of the permaculture bike park into its full realization, working from the beginning with the principles of permaculture design in mind.  I will be recording the process in my blog under the Bike Park Project category, so stay tuned and perhaps you will see how permaculture can apply to your passions.


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