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Ant Village Journal #3: Getting to Work

The PDC is over and it’s time to get down to business in the Ant Village. Before getting to work on my own projects, I needed to do some bounty projects for Paul, to raise money for buying materials. There is always lots of work to do here at Wheaton labs, but sometimes the weather has other ideas. A little rain is always welcome though, and it gives us time to get to know each other better. Together, we are working to build a permaculture community, one day at a time.


The Ant Village Challenge: Creating a Permaculture Homestead in Montana

The yard conversion project in San Diego is finished for now, and everything is looking great!  I can’t sit still for long, so it is time to start a new project, this time on an even bigger scale, and in a much different context.  Check out my new video to see what it is all about.

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The new look of agriculture. Straight lines and flat fields rarely exist in natural systems. Following the contour lines of a slope not only results in a more productive system, but also an element of beauty that lies hidden in the landscape.

I came across this article on my facebook feed today and was quite impressed.  This ranch in Mexico is a fine example of how good design can be applied across a large landscape, as well as how some creative ingenuity can be used to make some important improvements to a property while keeping costs minimal.  This ranch is based around an existing sugar mill, and thanks to some land managers with an eye for the future, a process has begun to transition the economy of the surrounding town from reliance on a declining sugar export market, to local food resilience that will improve the land and the lives of its people over time.  It is an inspiring read, enjoy.